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Brass Reminders stainless steel tumblers and coffee pot mugs are laser embossed, for precise placement and uniform appearance of your logo.  The design is physically melted down into the translucent polystyrene shell!  Because there's no paint to ever wear off or fade, these items will never fade or lose their design!

Blue Tumbler
Red Tumbler
Orange Tumbler
Garnet Tumbler
Purple Tumbler
Yellow Tumbler
Green Tumbler
Smoke Tumbler
Black Tumbler
19oz. Coffee Pot Mug (Blue)
*also available in red or green
19oz. Coffee Pot Mug with Pewter Emblem (Red)
*also available in blue or green


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Toll Free Order Line (888) 272-7773
All graphics and designs are copyright © 2005 Brass Reminders Company Inc.