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How can I tell if other websites are quoting me American or Chinese-made silicone bracelets?

Almost EVERY other website is taking orders for Chinese factories . However, most are completely silent about where their bracelets are made. Some use language that you might interpret as USA made, such as:

“Orders placed dd/mm/yy will ship from Omaha, NE on dd/mm/yy.” But if you call and ask directly, they will tell you they are made overseas and air shipped to the company, from where they ship to you.

The easiest way to tell if a website's wristbands are made in China is this:
If multi-colored wristbands, similar to the ones shown, are offered on their site as a color choice, it is probable ALL their wristbands are Chinese made.

Why? Because, to our knowledge, no one in the USA is making multi-color bands here. Multi-color bands are made by having a person sitting next to a mold with a bucket of pre-hardened green silicone and a bucket of pre-hardened black silicone, for example, and literally pinching off a piece of green, rolling it into balls and taking a piece of black, rolling it into balls and then hand placing them into a mold that is then closed up on them. When you pay people $1 a day, you can do that sort of thing.

To our knowledge, ours and any other USA-made wristbands are made on liquid silicone injection equipment. You can only inject one color of silicone into the mold at a time. So if you see multi-color wristbands as a color choice, you know you are dealing with Chinese-made wristbands.

It is also probably that their solid color bands are also Chinese-made.  Chinese-made are much cheaper than ones made in the USA.  If their multi-color bands are not at least $0.20 each cheaper than the solid color bands, you can know the solid color bands on the website are also coming from China.

We only know of one other website offering totally American Made bracelets. However, if you look at the samples they show, it seems they only make overly-large block letters which, in our opinion, don't look very good. We may not know of every website out there, so if there are others, we apologize.


Why should I consider buying your USA made bands if imported ones are less expensive?

Lead Contamination is one of the reasons.  If you are purchasing wristbands that will be given or sold to children, you have a responsibility to provide a safe, lead-free product.  Children will often put these items into their mouths.  You and/or your organization could face enormous legal liability if the wristbands you provide contain lead.

Never order wristbands online from ANYONE without calling the company to find out if their wristbands are Chinese-made.

Most websites do not state where their wristbands are made.  DO NOT ASSUME - ASK!

You must ask TWO QUESTIONS:

1. Where are the wristbands MOLDEDSome companies use wristbands molded in China, decorate them in the US, and then label them as USA made.  These bands could still be lead contaminated.   Ask specifically if they are molded overseas and decorated here.   It's the only way to know.

2. If your bands are Chinese-made, do you test EACH SHIPMENT for Lead?   We are not implying every Chinese-made wristband contains lead, most do not.   However some Chinese factories are notorious for "cheating."  In the importaing industry, "cheating" means sending a high-quality sample for inspection, then using cheaper ingredients and processes for production.   This is what happened to Mattel recently, spurring a 9-million-piece toy recall, and probably billions of dollars in lawsuits as this story unfolds.   Unless you test each and every shipment, you cannot be 100% assured of a lead-free product.

Our wristbands are 100% USA made.  All of the components we use (Silicone and Colorant) are 100% USA made.   They are certified lead-free and have absolutely no Chinese components whatsoever.   Each piece is marked "Made in USA" on the inside of the wristband.

There are other reasons to buy American, as well:

The quality of the silicone used here in the USA is better than any we have seen come out of China.  We use only General Electric (GE) or Wacker Silicones.

Because we manufacture the wristbands at our factory in Lexington , KY , we can offer rush service as fast as 1 day! On Chinese-made bands, sometimes they can make product in a day as well, but it takes time to get from there to here, and clearing customs can take 4 hours or 4 days at random.

Our USA made ship dates are guaranteed. Because of everything that can go wrong from China to here, even through no fault of anyone, importers simply cannot guarantee quoted ship dates.  These companies have good intentions when they quote you, but we hear horror stories about overseas orders.   The difference is that we can control our own production.

We offer free logos and graphics. Our USA made wristbands are actually debossed at 600 dpi. That's the resolution of a laser printer!   Because of this, we can produce intricate designs, multiple lines of clear, readable text, and free logos and graphics.  Most Chinese factories simply cannot produce that level of resolution.  Therefore, since they can't mold complicated logos, most companies taking orders for Chinese factories avoid the problem by offering block, all upper case letters only (the same letter style as the "LiveStrong" style.)    It's a nice font and it looks good, but with us, you can use any font, add any logo, and we have a large selection of stock graphics you can add at no extra charge.

We can also mix colors (i.e., 125 red and 125 green on a 250 piece order) and mix youth and adult sizes at no extra charge.