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Brass Reminders precision sand-carved glassware and ceramics are laser stenciled, for precise placement and uniform appearance of your logo.  When applied to ceramic pieces, sand-carving blasts away the outer colored layer, revealing the white ceramic core of the mug.  Because there's no paint to ever wear off or fade, all Brass Reminders sand-carved ceramics and glassware are dishwasher/microwave safe and will never fade or lose their design!

11oz. Ceramic Coffee Mug (Garnet)
available colors
11oz. Marbled Ceramic Coffee Mug (Blue)
available colors
11oz. Ceramic Bistro Mug (Cobalt)
available colors
24oz. Ceramic Stein with 24K Gold Bands (Black)
*also available in cobalt
13oz. Clear Glass Coffee Mug
13oz. Cobalt Glass Coffee Mug
13oz. Juniper Glass Coffee Mug


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